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Related post: Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 23:42:51 +0000 From: Jock Lover Subject: The Quarterback Club Chronicles /Chapter Five: CANE ENABLED (1) (M/M, Celebrity)THE QUARTERBACK CLUB CHRONICLES Chapter Five: Cane Enabled (1) By in2jockshotmail.comNote: The following story is fiction and is NOT intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of any celebrities mentioned, nor any personal knowledge about their private lives. Comments and constructive criticism and future story ideas are welcome (if sending comments please make your e-mail subject line distinctive to prevent flagging as spam -- thanks)!October 1, 2003 San Francisco Bay AreaSitting in his parent's Orinda living room, looking out over the hilly terrain, Ken Dorsey was feeling like Leonardo DiCaprio standing on the bow of the Titanic. After a stellar football career and a national championship at the University of Miami, Ken had confounded the nay-saying NFL draft experts who had written him off, and had made the San Francisco 49ers main roster. How sweet - to actually be an ukrainian naturist bbs NFL quarterback on the very team he had grown up rooting for. And to cp bbs toplists be playing just a few miles from where he had bbs erotic links first risen to football prominence at Orinda's Miramonte High.Just as sweet as his football prospects, Ken's sexual prospects had gone from great to, well, stellar. Never at a loss for sexual partners in college (a Heisman-finalist could pretty much pick and choose), things were like being a kid in the proverbial candy store.Just last night, for example, Ken had met up with his 49ers teammate Tim Rattay, the primary backup quarterback, and also with Tim's super-hot younger brother John, a QB at a Pasadena JuCo, who was in town visiting. The three of them had spent a scorching night of nonstop carnal pleasure, with Ken at one point alternating driving his long jock pole in and out of first Tim's, then John's hot stud assholes. And proving he was equally adept at receiving as he was at giving, the extremely handsome brothers then took turns blasting loads of Rattay-batter deep into his tight jock anus.As an encore, Ken had then watched Tim and John as they fucked he hell out of each other, each muscular brother undeground love bbs plowing his sibling's hairy jock butthole with tremendous energy while Ken, mesmerized by the incredibly hot incestuous action, urge them on with lewd talk. After Tim and John had flooded each other's hairy fuckholes with their stud cum, they took turns squatting directly over Ken's innocent little angels bbs handsome face, enjoying the paysite password bbs intense sensations provided by the rookie jock's talented tongue as he savored the taste of the stud sperm mixed with jock butt juice.Ken was brought out of his sexual reverie by the sounds of gateway bbs pre a vehicle coming up the gravel driveway. Kyle Wright's parents were dropping him off, and from here Ken and Kyle would head down to Santa Clara. Ken had leased a new townhouse just a short rive from the 49ers training facility in the Silicon Valley town, and it was there that Ken and Kyle would spend the night.Like Ken himself just four years previously (and like another previous Hurricanes Heisman winner, Gino Torreta, who was guestbook bbs young from nearby Pinole Valley high) Kyle Wright was the third star quarterback from Northern California's Contra Costa County who had elected to cross the continent to play his college ball at the private university renowned for sending quarterbacks to the NFL (Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Steve Walsh and Scott Covington, in addition to pedo bbs top Gino and Ken). Having graduated from Danville's Monte Vista High a semester early and already in his second semester of college, Kyle had already become familiar with the `Canes pro-style offense and was universally regarded as the `Canes "can't-miss" quarterback bbs password xxx of the future.What was not bbs yr commonly known was that, in October of 2002, Kyle had actually eliminated the Hurricanes from his short list of schools he was considering. Knowing that another player, Brock Berlin, would probably have the starting job locked up for two seasons, Kyle almost went to Tennessee or Southern Cal, both of which would have afforded a chance to start immediately, or at least earlier than at Miami.However, he had not counted on Ken Dorsey making a "special appeal" to him the night of his official recruiting visit to Coral Gables. What the palm trees or the neon of South Beach could not accomplish, a night in Ken's bed did. When Kyle flew back to California, the tall blond top girl bbs youngster had left two things behind in Florida -- a signed early commitment letter, and his virginity.When Kyle returned in January to enroll, he and Ken continued their sexual explorations for a short time. The timing was bad, though. Because Ken (who had already finished his degree) had to leave for shocking bbs pics pre-Combine training, the two Californians only had a couple of weeks to screw their brains out before Ken's departure. After that, they were forced to make do with the phone and with e-mails. It was better than nothing, but barely. Both of the horny QBs were lesbian board bbs very lorita bbs sexy impatient to resume their physical contact, and today it would happen -- for a few hours, at least.Since another teammate (the aforementioned Brock Berlin) was going to meet up with them later in the afternoon, and since Brock didn't participate in sex action with other jocks, Ken and Kyle would have to do their messing around before he arrived. They were always discreet around Brock, out of respect for his good-natured, tolerant attitude (Brock was actually very cool for a religious guy, not at all like some of the obnoxious God-Squadders on other teams).= = = = = = = = = =At about the same time, to the west in downtown San Francisco, Brock Berlin entered the Powell Street BART station and moved down to the airport line's designated platform. Like Kyle Wright and several of his current `Canes teammates, Brock was taking advantage of the mid-season bye week to get away from Miami for a few days. In his case, it had worked out perfectly: Brock had flown out to San Francisco with his parents, where they were boarding the Crown Princess for a trans-Panama Canal cruise. However, the trip had an additional, altogether different purpose for Brock -- a purpose he could not reveal to his parents, bbs boy girl his teammates, or to anyone else for that matter (at least not yet).After seeing his parents off, Brock had made his way over to the City's notorious Tenderloin area (which he had learned about on the Internet). Entering one of the area's many adult bookstores, he quickly found exactly what he was looking for, and left with his purchase. The two magazines and the DVD he had picked up would help out when he was feeling horny (which was often). He had never dared to try to buy this kind of stuff in Miami, fearing that he might be recognized, but Brock felt safe doing it this far away.Now on board the southbound train, Brock took a quick look inside his backpack, making sure the package and its contents were tucked in the back compartment, then he zipped the flap back up. As the train moved on, Brock's thoughts drifted back to his youth -- to his strict religious upbringing and his years at fundamentalist Evangel Christian High in Shreveport. fotos bbs xxx It had only been in the last year or so that Brock, in spite of his outward religious zeal, had started to acknowledge to himself his inner feelings and desires. Up until now, the farthest he had gone was to look at web sites, but he was nowhere near the point that he would even think about real contact with another guy. Especially not with his teammates, although he thought that some were extremely hot.Brock wasn't naïve -- he realized that quite a few of college players -- including some of the guys at both the University of Florida and at Miami - liked to engage in sexual action with other males. The general public wasn't aware of this, since it was all done in a very discreet way. In fact, no less than Ken Dorsey, the Hurricanes incumbent starting quarterback, had taken Brock aside when he visited the school during the time he was considering transferring. Knowing that some intolerant religious players at other schools had disrupted team chemistry, Ken pre gallery bbs spoke very frankly, wanting to be sure Brock was OK with it. Brock told Ken that he could bbs littles deal with it -- which was true. Of course, Brock couldn't tell Ken about his own growing feelings at this time. But if a guy like Ken played around, and since the tall Californian seemed so intelligent and accepting, maybe Brock would be able to reveal his secret to Ken when he felt ready to take that big step.Ironically, as Brock had struggled with his self-acceptance, the fact that he had been learned so much about biblical scholarship made it easier for him to reach his conclusion -- that his inner faith (which was quite genuine) was not subject to rigid dogma, and that he bbs pic sex did not have to punish himself for having the desires that he had. At the same time, there was no need to rush into anything. The magazine and the DVDs would definitely help, though, and he was looking forward to using them in the privacy of his bedroom back in Florida.Exiting the train at the recently opened airport station, Brock headed down to the American Airlines baggage office and retrieved his duffel bag. The plan now was to meet up with Ken and his freshman teammate Kyle Wright, who had flown out two days ago and had pedo chill bbs been staying at his parents' house. Brock wasn't 100% fre bbs porn sure, but he suspected that Ken and Kyle had a strong attraction to each other and were messing around. One bbs portal rompl day a few months ago, just before Ken left Miami for pre-Combine training, Brock had gone over to return a playbook. Answering the door at his off-campus apartment, Ken, who was usually very friendly, had not asked Brock to come in and had in fact been in a hurry to send him on his way. Brock put two and two together and figured that Ken must have been "entertaining". But that was his business, so he left.Because a lawn sprinkler had started up, free bbs guestbook lol Brock returned to his car via a circuitous route. Turning a corner, Brock walked past a car that he hadn't noticed before, and paused. Sure enough, it was Kyle Wright's Acura RX, with its distinctive California license plates. Brock smiled to himself as he realized why Ken had been in a hurry. He would have done the same, he thought, if he had a cute hottie like Kyle waiting in his bed. Brock felt frustrated that he couldn't be more open -- maybe someday he could even participate in a three-way with two hot guys like Ken and Kyle - but not now, for sure.Back in the present, since he had skipped breakfast, Brock decided to grab some lunch before young kds bbs calling Ken to come and get him. Ducking into a men's room to wash his hands, young japanese bbs porn he stopped when he spotted a tan leather portfolio on the counter. He looked around, but no cp bbs pedo links one else was in the lavatory. Tucking the folder under his arm, Brock found a seat and opened it, looking for anything inside that would identify the owner. He started reading the top sheet, which nice pix bbs looked to be some sort of memorandum. But one bbs ukrainian girl paragraph at the bottom of the first page caught his eye. He studied the text for a few moments, then, all doubt disappeared. There was no mistaking it, he knew what it was (although he didn't fozya bbs ls dreams understand how it related to the rest of the information on the page). Then, at the very back of the papers, Brock noticed the edge of a business card. He was surprised when he saw that the card was for someone from the FBI.`Wow'! Brock thought to himself as, without hesitation, he fished his cell phone out of his backpack and called the number on the card."Yeah"?Brock thought he had a wrong number -- he ranchi bbs had expected a business office or a receptionist or something. "Yes, excuse me? Is this the FBI office"?"Yes it is. I'm sorry - this number is an internal office line that usually doesn't receive outside calls. What can I do for bbs kds porno you, sir"?"Well, I need to speak to, um, let's see - Special Agent David Andrews, please""Just a minute, he's in the next office -- Hey, Andrews -- phone! Now!"After a short delay, Brock heard a resonant voice. "David Andrews -- who am I speaking to, please?""Um -- hi, my name's Brock Berlin, and I found something that I think belongs to you; a tan portfolio. It has your business card in it"."Huh? I own a tan portfolio, but it's in my briefcase - wait, that's right, I was reading it before - tell me, did you find it in a restroom?""Exactly -- down by baggage claim -- that's where I am now"."Listen, um, Rock, please stay exactly where you bbs child top models are. I'm about two minutes from where you're at - I'll come right down""OK -- but it's Brock, not Rock"."Sure, sure, whatever you say. Just one more thing -- did you read what was inside"?"Well, yes, the first page, and I saw something ..." but Brock never got to finish the sentence as the call was abruptly ended.Within two minutes Brock heard the footsteps of someone moving quickly across the tiled floor. A moment later, he saw a young man wearing a dark suit come around the corner. Brock stood up and raised his hand, nn model forum bbs waving to indicate to the man he was the one. As the man approached, Brock could not help but notice how young bbs lol galleries he looked -- and also how handsome. In fact, he didn't seem much older than Brock himself. Maybe Andrews had sent an intern to pick up the folder.Having reached Brock, the young man reached into his suit coat and thrust his open I.D. wallet in Brock's face, the metal of the polished gold shield catching the reflection of the overhead lighting. Nope, it wasn't an intern."Andrews -- FBI. You already know that, from my card. Where's the portfolio?"Brock reached down to the chair and retrieved the leather portfolio, passing it to the young agent. As he did so, Brock took another quick look at Andrews. He was not just good-looking; he was startlingly handsome - like a fashion model or something. Such incredible clear blue eyes. Man!"Rock, you need to come with me -- right now"."But I'm going ..." Brock was interrupted by Andrews' firm grip on his left arm."Look, buddy- we can do this discreetly or with the cuffs - your choice" The agent's voice had taken on an assertive, almost angry, mien.Brock was shocked -- he'd done nothing wrong. Immediately, something from his memory clicked in. A couple of months ago during fall orientation, the team had heard a presentation from the Big East director of security. Covering off-the-field behavior, the man had said that if any of the players ever found themselves under arrest for a DUI or a bar fight, to always cooperate, no matter what. To always keep in mind that there would be plenty of time to sort it out later.So Brock did little lol bbs the only thing he really could, and silently followed agent Andrews, who had already picked up Brock's backpack and duffel. `Oh GOD!' he thought as they proceeded down the hallway. `What have I gotten myself into? What's going to happen if Coach Coker finds out? Oh man -- not if, when'!= = = = = = = = = =Ken exited his parents' house and caught his first glimpse of his blond buddy, who wore baggy khaki shorts and a gray Monte Vista Athletics sweatshirt. God, Ken thought, he's even hotter than the last time I saw him. Ken had to will his already-stirring cock to stay down, as he sure didn't want Kyle's parents to see a boner poking through his dark red 49ers wind pants. Ken greeted Kyle's folks, who he'd met a couple of times when naked children pics bbs they had traveled to Coral Cables with their son, then shook hands with Kyle. The two studs played it cool, but maintained steady eye contact as they moved Kyle's gear into the back of Ken's car. They were ready - after Ken reminding the elder Wrights about the comp tickets he would be leaving them for the next 49ers home game, he and Kyle waved as the Wrights' dark blue Expedition made its way down the driveway. A split second after the big SUV was completely out of view, Ken and Kyle were locked in a deep embrace, their jockboy tongues dueling as they released their pent-up fashion."God -- you look incredible, Kyle""Me? Bullshit -- look at you. I love your longer haircut. bbs ls cp movies And fuck -- you bulked up russian nonude bbs -- you look awesome".Even under Ken's long-sleeve jersey-style t-shirt, Kyle could tell that the stories he'd read about Ken's strenuous pre-draft workout program s were true. From an almost scrawny 193 pounds at the end of the Fiesta Bowl, Ken had put on at least 30 pounds of solid muscle -- his frame had indeed filled out very flatteringly."You checking out my body, you fucking blond punk"?"Yeah, big man, but I'll sure like it a lot more when that muscle bod is on top of me. Let's quit wasting time and get going"!The boys made their tiny nn models bbs way down to Highway 24 and through the Caldecott Tunnel, on they way to the Bay Bridge. The view of the Bay was awesome - the cloudless sky afforded a picture-postcard view of the Golden Gate Bridge, enshrouded by fog in the distance. But as stunning as the scenic vista was, Ken and Kyle were only interested in the scenery seated next to them. Kyle reached over and gently began to stroke Ken's thigh through the nylon wind pants."So where's chill bbs tgp your pimp-mobile, Mr. eN -- eF - eL?" Kyle teased as Ken made a face. "I expected to be cruising in some kind of tricked-out ride. A customized Escalade with some of those customized spinning rims.""Shut the hell up, you jackball! Do you realize what a seventh-round rookie makes? And I have to pay an agent skinny bbs xxx and a manager". Ken didn't mind the ribbing, but he was well aware that his coolness factor fell far short of someone like his flamboyant new teammate Terrel Owens. "Besides, my uncle is working overseas, and he's letting me use his car while's gone -- it would just sit in my parent's driveway otherwise"."Fuck, Kenny, you know I'm just yanking your chain. I don't care what the hell you drive. Here -- let me apologize" Kyle giggled as black bbs pussy he moved his hand higher, allowing him to caress and stroke the sizeable mound in Ken's wind pants.Ken shuddered with pleasure at the feeling of Kyle's big hand manipulating his dick and rompl child cuties bbs nuts. But he had to concentrate on driving. "Damn you, stop that -- you don't want to end your college and my pro careers before they really get started, do you"?"You're right, Kenny -- it's just that I've been waiting so long for this"."Me too, Kyle, me too." He changed the subject as they headed further south on I-280. "So tell me again, when are we supposed to pick Brock up?""He wasn't sure how long the cruise ship thing will take. He said he'll call your cell phone when he had gotten back loita ing bbs to the airport"."Good -- that means we have at least two or three hours. Good think the traffic isn't too bad today. I can't wait to get you naked, buddy boy. And I see that your tan has gotten really nice and dark."Kyle blushed at the compliment. His fair angel nymph bbs skin had indeed illegal hardcore bbs darkened nicely under the Florida sun during summer workouts, also making the dusting of blond hair on his lol nymph bbs legs and forearms stand out even more."Hey Kenny -- know what? There are a couple of spots where I'm not tanned that need some mouth action. Want to volunteers"?The mental image of licking around Kyle's tan line, of sniffing that cute blond bush and eating that pink little asshole between Kyle's sleek buns made Ken even crazier, and it took all of his self-control not to floor the accelerator as they neared their destination.= = = = = = = = = =Sitting alone in a sparsely furnished interview room, Brock's nervous state grew with every passing moment. While certainly not panicking, a lot of different thoughts were coursing through his mind. His main concern was over whether he'd officially been arrested. Andrews had taken his driver's license from him when he left him in this room. Brock remembered a conversation with a friendly newspaper reporter that had taken place after one of his `Canes teammates had been in trouble. The reporter had told him that in addition to local sources who passed along tips, many reporters also combed nationwide computerized police records with search engines. With public records commonly accessible on russian nude bbs the Internet in real time, it was very easy to cross check the names on any team's roster. So even when an arrest occurred thousands of miles away, the media could -- and would - still find out. Oh toplist girl teen bbs man, Brock wondered. Was -- was his Hurricanes career finished, after just five starts?Despite his concerns, Brock was able to continued thinking analytically. Andrews must have assumed that Brock had stolen the portfolio. It was the only plausible explanation. Surely, once his identity had been established and he had a chance to explain everything, the young agent would understand and let him be on his way.His thoughts were interrupted by animated voices outside, which grew steadily louder. One person was clearly angry and was almost yelling. Suddenly the door to the room burst open. "Mr. Berlin?" The man asking was a tall, distinguished-looking man with silver hair. His high-quality pinstriped suit gave him the air ranchi zeps bbs of a Wall Street CEO or banker. Standing next to the man was an attractive, petite Asian woman whose stylish business suit and chic hairstyle gave her a similar air of prominence. Closing the door behind the other two was agent Andrews, who had an ashen look on his face."Yes, sir", Brock responded. He was surprised as maloletak bbs the older man extended his arm in a handshake, which he quickly accepted."Mr. Berlin, sir, I'm Ed Eastwood, Special Agent-in-Charge of the San Francisco FBI office. I'd like you to meet Pamela Wu, of the U.S. Attorney's office"Brock was even more surprised at, but grateful for, the older agent's businesslike manner. Brock then reached across to accept the handshake of Ms. Wu, whose vice-like grip would put some of the `Canes linebackers to shame - Ouch!"And of course you've already met Dumb and Dumber Andrews over there" agent Eastwood said, chuckling at his own sarcastic joke. Pamela Wu stifled a giggle as young agent Andrews sat down in a chair at the far end of the table, saying nothing. No handshake from him." Mr. Berlin", Eastwood continued, "on behalf of the Bureau, I want to offer you two things. First, let me express our sincere thanks for finding the lost item. Second, and more importantly, I want to give you my personal apology for the treatment you received at the hands of my asinine agent. If he had simply asked you to spare fifteen minutes for a short interview concerning the portfolio, you would not have had to put up with his inexcusable, heavy-handed tactics".Brock was simultaneously dumbfounded and relieved. Oh man - it sounded like they wouldn't be arresting him or anything! He glanced over at agent Andrews, whose pained face had drained completely bbs free sex young of any color whatsoever. He didn't hold any anger for the young agent; not at all. He was totally relieved about not having to call Coach lil underground bbs Coker!Pamela Wu then spoke up "Mr. Berlin, the papers you found contained information concerning a very sensitive information that is being jointly conducted by Ed's and my offices.""Call me Brock, please, ma'am"."Thank you, Brock". She paused as Eastwood handed Brock back his driver's license. "We've checked and know that you are a law-abiding citizen. And in light of what has just happened, we feel we owe you some words of explanation. We're limited as to the extent of the details that we can provide you, so it'll only be a brief outline. But if you would give us a verbal affirmation that you won't discuss what we tell you with anyone else, we'll proceed".Brock noticed Ed Eastwood taking notes. Man, this must be really important! "Yes, ma'am. I agree."Five minutes later, Brock was both amazed and, a little bit thrilled to be privy to such information. A splinter group of a political organization in a country he'd never heard of, North Lamucca, was operating a smuggling ring in the SFO airport cargo area. The FBI and US Attorney's office had set up an interagency task force and was running an undercover operation out of the temporary offices they were sitting in right now). Since the operation was ongoing, that was as specific as they could be - top bbs kds fuck Brock certainly understood. But then he remembered."Ms. Wu? Mr. Eastwood?" I have to asian cp bbs tell you something."Please - go ahead.""Well, as I tried to tell agent Andrews when I first gave him his portfolio, I had read the first page of the memo. Before he went Andy Sipowitz on me, I tried to tell him something". Wu and Eastwood both laughed at the young man's reference to the popular television show. Andrews showed no reaction whatsoever.Brock continued, young girl bbs links "Well, there was a paragraph about a coded reference -- it said that some experts couldn't break the code"?"Yes -- we think that teen sex pics bbs they are passing messages in some form of "open-encryption" Eastwood explained. "The current thinking is that, since computers can crack mathematics-based codes, the bad guys use references keyed on some innocuous word or phrase. Out in the open, so to speak. We've had the experts at the Stanford Research Institute down the road in Palo Alto working on this one for weeks, but they haven't come up with anything yet"."But" Brock hesitated, not wanting to make a fool of himself, "I think I know what that paragraph is".Eastwood and Wu exchanged a glance. The older man handed the portfolio to the young federal prosecutor, who extracted the first page. "Look here" Brock started, indicating the middle of the paragraph in question. Ed and Pam moved closer, to better see where Brock was pointing, while agent Andrews remained motionless in his chair, silently contemplating his possibly ruined career."See these four lines here? They're reversed Bible verses. Second Kings, from the Old Testament".Wu and Eastwood practically leapt from their chairs, closely scrutinizing the lines, their minds quickly trying to reverse the letters into meaningful phrases."By god, Pam, he's right. It's there""And think bbs fashion woman about this, Ed" Wu noted. "The syntax used in the Bible would probably throw off the computers -- I'll bet that the automated scanning algorithms that SRI uses don't look for seventeenth-century Olde English verbiage."Since there was no fixed telephone child pedo bbs toplist in the room, Ed borrowed Pam's cell phone, dialing a number from memory. "Brenda? Hey, Ed Eastwood here. Fine, fine. Listen - can you get your North Lamuccan project team into a conference call in, say, dark place bbs teen fifteen minutes? Good. Yes, definitely use the scrambler. OK, talk to you then - goodbye".Eastwood returned to the others and filled them in. Pam Wu spoke next; "Brock -- if this pans out, - you could very well qualify for a bbs teens models russians fairly substantial cash reward"."Ma'am, I don't need any reward. Just helping you guys out is reward enough"."How did you figure it out"? Wu asked, once more looking at the lines of text."Actually it just jumped out at me. When I was in high school at Evangel, we used to memorize biblical verses backwards to sharpen our memorization skills. As soon as I saw those jumbled words I knew exactly what it was. I just didn't know the context. Wow!""So, Andrews!" Ed turned his attention in the direction of the still-silent young agent. "Have you been listening to what Mr. Berlin has cuties models bbs just said? What do you have to say for yourself? Not did you harass and humiliate an innocent citizen, you didn't even take the time to listen to the critical information this young man had to offer"."S-sir? But, I...""Put a lid on it, Andrews. We'll take up your disciplinary punishment later, after the conference call"."Uh -- Mr. Eastwood, sir?" Brock hesitated, interrupting the older man's harangue. "Can I speak with you privately for a moment"."Certainly". Eastwood calmed down and motioned Brock over to the opposite corner of the rectangular room."Look, sir, I'm not trying to meddle or anything. But is there any way you can go light on agent Andrews? I mean yeah, he overreacted a little, but seeing how important this stuff is, I don't hold it against him".Ed Eastwood was impressed at the young man's obvious sincerity. Moreover, he agreed that Andrews had simply been overeager and nervous about the fact that a civilian had found and read the confidential case documents. And his work on this difficult case, up until this incident, had been outstanding -- beyond reproach.Eastwood needed to keep his agents in line, especially his rookies, but he wasn't a total hard-ass. "Are you sure, Brock? He at least owes you a big apology".Brock thought for a moment, then smiled broadly. "Tell you what, sir -- I was about to go to lunch when I found the portfolio, and that was a while ago. Right now I'm starving -- how about if agent Andrews buys me lunch, then we call it alphasex toplist bbs even".Eastwood forced himself to suppressed his smile -- it wouldn't be good for his badass image, after all."Good as done!" Eastwood said as turned towards the opposite end of the table."ANDREWS!" he boomed. "Get your butt over here". Pam Wu finished her phone call and listened in."Agent Andrews, as a personal favor to Mr. Berlin" Ed paused, giving Brock a wink, "I'm going to withhold disciplinary action. We'll work our some additional training for you, but at Mr. Berlins request, it won't go any farther than that". For the first time since he'd entered the room, some color returned to Dave's face."Mr. Berlin has indicated that you interrupted his lunch plans. I want you to take him to lunch, right now, wherever he chooses. Think you can handle that?""Y-yes, sir"."And don't expense it! Understand"?Pam Wu couldn't help giggling a little, but she liked both agents a lot, and she didn't want to add to the younger man's embarrassment. In fact, Pam had already spoken to her bosses at the DOJ about "stealing" the brilliant young agent (all FBI special agents have law degrees) for their San Francisco staff."Pam, let's head up to the conference room. Brenda Donaldson should have the boys and girls at SRI ready to hear about Brock's discovery. The senior agent turned to Brock. "Thank you lola bbs vombat again, Brock. It was a true pleasure to meet you. We'll be in touch".This time, Brock was ready for Pam Wu's firm handshake. "A pleasure as well, Brock, and many thanks" the attorney said as they shook hands. "Your information should be very helpful in moving this investigation forward.Ed halted just as he was at the door. "One more thing, Brock -- be sure you find the most expensive thing on the menu, and order three of them!" angels funs bbs He allowed himself a cackle, then turned to leave. "Let's go"Ed and Pam exited, leaving Andrews and Brock alone in the room. Still feeling apprehensive, Andrews hesitated, but then bbs japan girls found his voice. "Mr. -- Mr. Berlin"?"Look bbs dreambook young models -- if we're going to talk, let's drop the last names, OK"For the first time since entering the room, the hint of a smile brightened Dave's face. Brock was taken once more at how incredibly handsome the young agent was. Incredible- stunning."S-sure, Ok, Brock. See, I got it right that time. Call me Dave" he said as he put on his suit coat. "God, I am so sorry for what happened before"."Dave, look. I don't want to be rude, but can we talk about it while we eat? I could eat like three cows right about now"In spite of what had happened, Brock's nice, disarming manner caused a little bit of Dave's normally outgoing personality to peek through the anguish he still felt over his screw-up."You know, I could probably put away a couple myself. And I know just the place""Let's do it"! Brock said as he followed Dave Andrews out of the office. As they made their way to the parking garage, Brock gulped as he caught sight of the beautifully trim pair of buns that were concealed under the fabric of Dave's dress pants. At least he would be able to enjoy the scenery while they ate!= = = = = = = = = ="Damn -- this joint looks like an IKEA store" Kyle joked as he looked through the different rooms of Ken's townhouse. Good-quality but not fancy, the furnishings were ideal for a bachelor who was traveling a lot of the time. The big-ticket items were in the living room -- the huge widescreen HDTV and a cluster of high-quality stereo gear. But the really important item was in the master bedroom. Being almost 6'6", Ken had spent a sizeable chunk of his first check from the bbs lolta memorabilia company private signing (it still amazed him how much a third-stringer's signature was worth) on a custom-made bed and mattress that was a foot longer than standard, in order to accommodate his 6'6" frame (the bed had been made by the same custom crafter in Los Angeles that had made Shaquille O'Neal's furniture, so if was good enough for Shaq Daddy, it was OK for him.Ken had no idea what the Lakers superstar did on his custom bed, but his was already seeing plenty of extracurricular activity. Like it was about to right now. Ken had quietly moved back up the hallway, until he was behind his unsuspecting friend. Ken then he moved in for the kill; as he felt himself being bear-hugged, Kyle let out a yelp, but the outrageously good feel of his jock buddy's tongue and breath nuzzling he nape of his neck soon had him feel something different - hot and bothered!"Take me to your ls lola bbs bedroom, big man" Kyle commanded. The big man complied, walking Kyle backwards, slowly so they wouldn't trip, until they were close enough to the bed to fall backwards. Within seconds, the two bbs pics boys tall stallions were sprawled on the cool sheets, locked in the deepest of kisses. Each stud exulted in the overwhelming pleasure of the touch and feel of his jock buddy's smooth athletic flesh.Kyle's short-clipped blond hair and fairer skin contrasted with his older buddy's medium-length brown hair; however, they were similar in the smoothness of their upper bodies. Kyle's long legs had a dusting of fine blond hair, while Ken had just a smattering of hair on his equally long limbs. Both of the jocks sported smooth chests. Ken's showed noticeably more definition than Kyle's owing to the concentrated weight training he had done at his pre-draft camp. Kyle lost no time noticing the additional bulk."Oh man, you weigh a ton now, you hippo -- I hope you don't crush me" Kyle teased as he broke their deep kiss. Kyle realized that he himself needed to do what Ken had done, and he silently resolved to increase his reps in the weight room when he got back to Miami. But that was for later - right now, there was a big hippo that was waiting to be sexually satisfied."Geez - complaining again?" Ken teased, pressing his body a little harder against the big cute blond hunk They both soon lost their clothes - Ken loved when Kyle undressed him, but today he was anxious to get his clothes off. He swiftly wriggled out of his jersey and wind pants, and was soon laying back on the bed in only his black Tommy Hilfiger Sport boxer briefs, the pouch of which was already distended with his bulging manhood.Kyle went a little slower, because he wanted to show Ken what he had on underneath his A&F cargo shorts. Slowly moving the bbs asia girl zipper down in such a way as to keep covered up, he then pulled them down in one fell swoop. Ken's face broke out in an evil grin when he saw that Kyle was wearing a jock -- oh MAN did he get off on jockstraps. Especially when they were being worn by blond hotties like Kyle Wright!"See something you like, hotboy?" Kyle whispered lewdly.?"Yeah -- something I want to get a taste of". With that, Ken began to orally caress his blond buddy's bulging jockstrap. Using the edge of his tongue, Ken teased the edges of the cotton fabric, where some of Kyle's wiry blond pubes were accessible."Damn, Kenny, that drives me so wild" Kyle moaned, reaching down to stroke his older friend's brown hair. Ken then turned up the heat as he began a full frontal assault on Kyle's goodies. Ken's jaw adjusted so that he could engulf the big mound, soaking the turgid shaft inside in his saliva. The cotton fabric was soon soaked with copious amounts of Dorsey-drool. Kyle reached down and lowered his jock's waistband, in order to give Ken access to his goodies.And what a hot sight thoise goodies were! The pink shaft, so silky smooth, nice and hard as it stretched to its full 8 porn bbs tgp inch length, surrounded by a forest of wiry blond hair. And as promised, Kyle's tan line really did accent the hotness of his stud equipment. The combination of his tanned legs against the white strip of his hairy crotch drove Ken wild."Oh yeah -- lick me, Kenny. Eat me up".The very hungry Ken Dorsey settled in to eat his lunch.= = = = = = = = = =Brock laughed as he read the sign bbs dark klass on the door of the restaurant, Max's Café, which was located next to a cluster of big hotels just south of the airport. "THIS IS A BAD PLACE FOR A DIET", it said. Well, we're at the right place. The hostess recognized Dave and immediately hustled them to a table in an alcove that afforded a measure of privacy. Dave had explained that he and his fellow agents often conducted interviews here, so the staff all knew them.Brock was really hungry, but he didn't want to seem too piggish, so he ordered just a bowl of soup and a deli sandwich, while Dave ordered only a chicken Caesar salad. When the food arrived, Dave chuckled as he saw Brock react to the enormous size of the portions that his reastaurant was famous for. The soup was not a normal bowl but instead a medium-sized white casserole dish, while the pastrami sandwich was a mountain of house-cured meat dark pedofilia bbs between two huge slabs of rye bread. Dave's own salad would pedo bbs sexo have fed an army of ravenous rabbits. That's why he loved this place so much!"Let's dig in" Dave said, intrigued by the fact that Brock said a silent "grace" before tackling his French onion soup. Right - the biblical verse thing -- it made sense.While waiting for the food to arrive, Dave had explained that he had run Brock's drivers license through the FBI's National Crime Information computer. Although no formal records other than Brock's driver license and passport application had turned up, Dave had also seen an additional notation."It said -- wait, I wrote it down here - "LOI Florida 1999 TRANSFER Miami (FL) 2001"."Wow -- I had no idea that the government tracks that kind of sports information"."Well, not the government exactly. Since 9/11, the NCI system does an automatic crosscheck against dozens of outside systems. One of them is the NCAA records system elwebbs bbs toplist out in Indianapolis. The NCAA records are included because the Bureau has jurisdiction over federal bookmaking violations. But Brock, in all nude kid bbs honesty it's nothing that Joe Public can't access bbs small girl on the NCAA website. We would need a court order to access anything from non-published NCAA records.Brock believed him -- it made sense. "So it's like a big search engine -- like Google?""Exactly. And speaking of Google, when I saw the NCAA notation, I put your name into Google and almost fell out of my chair. There were over 3,000 hits".Brock laughed. He and his teammates were always goofing around, checking their names in Google and other search engines. Most of the entries were the same stats displayed on hundreds of news and college sites like and As they continued chatting, Brock continued his discreet studying of Dave Andrews, The young agent, who was much more relaxed and animated, had an infectious smile and a really nice disarming manner that Brock liked -- a lot. It was obvious that he was very intelligent, but in no way did Dave talk down to him. As Brock listened -- and looked -- he realized who it was that Dave reminded him of; Cody Pickett, the Washington quarterback who he had met once, at a Nike quarterback camp before their respective high school senior years. And although Dave was definitely shorter than Pickett (Brock guessed Dave to be about 5'11 against the Washington quarterback's 6'3" and his own 6'1"), the resemblance, while certainly not identical, was not that far off. Brock further noticed that, with Dave's suit coat removed, there was definitely a russian pedo bbs nice, lean frame under the young agent's tapered white dress shirt."Dave, if you don't mind me saying so, you seem kind of young for an FBI agent. Tell me about yourself -- I mean, about your background, and how you became an FBI agent"? Dave hesitated for a russian bbs 12 15 moment. He always felt a little awkward talking about his record, about his accomplishments. But Brock had been so nice and understanding, and had even gone to bat for him with his boss, that in this case he didn't magazines bbs mind."Well, you're right, at 23 I think I'm one of the two youngest special agent in the bureau. Mostly, it's because I finished my law degree at an earlier age than the other applicants".The young man's modest explanation belied the facts. David Andrews had grown up in Gilroy ("the garlic capital of the world, and it smells like it"), a town about one hundred miles from the restaurant where they were sitting right now. Having graduating from high school at age 16, Dave had then earned his Stanford undergrad degree cute girls bbs in just two and a half years. Next, he had completed a prestigious double graduate program that earned him both a J.D. and an MBA from Stanford's Top Five graduate schools -- and he had dome so in three years, not the usual four. And all of the degrees were summa cum laude!After a short-term clerkship with the chief judge of the U.S. Ninth Circuit in Pasadena, Dave had joined the Bureau and earned selection to the Bureau's elite intelligence section, a rare achievement for a rookie agent fresh out of the FBI's Quantico academy."Whoa -- I get asked for my autograph a lot, but I think I need to ask for yours, Dave. That is so impressive. You have every right to be proud of what you've accomplished".Dave tried teens pics bbs to suppress his good feelings at Brock's praise, but a smile broke through in spite of his reticence. He WAS proud of his achievements, but he hated boastfulness and big displays of pride. He looked at Brock - the young man was very genuine and open and their rapport had been growing ever since they had left the airport. The previous incident with the folder seemed to have been completely forgotten. But Dave's sunny mood was darkened when he heard Brock say, "I bet your parents must be really proud. And, your wife, if you're married, that is?Ouch. extreme bbs No, double ouch.Brock had no way of knowing, but he'd hit on the two most sensitive areas of Dave's personal life. Brock could tell right away that he'd said something that had bothered Dave quite a lot. "Oh man -- look, it's rude of me to ask you about personal stuff like that. I'm sort of a klutz sometimes"."No teen movie bbs -- Brock, you did absolutely nothing wrong". Dave paused -- thinking -- deciding. Should he? Yes. It would be better if he got it over with."I don't want to burden you or anything, but I -- well, if you don't mind hearing ""No, go ahead -- you can talk to me, buddy"The word came out so naturally, unforced. But Dave noticed it - and like Brock, he felt a real connection with the younger guy sitting across from him. Dave paused as the waitress cleared the remaining plates, took a sip of water, then he continued."When I was in my second quarter at Stanford, my parents had just left Gilroy heading for Yosemite for a weekend getaway at the Ahwahnee Hotel. They were on the Pacheco Pass highway when an old woman in a Cadillac with 0.29 blood alcohol at 10 o'clock in the morning crossed the double line and hit them head-on at 80 miles per hour. They never had a chance".Dave noticed that Brock's expression had instantly become crestfallen. He paused, then said "it's OK -- it actually helps talking about it" as much to himself as to Brock, who shifted in the restaurant booth, instinctively drawing just a bit closer to the young agent. Dave noticed that his words had softened Brock's expression, so he continued."The woman turned out to be the wife of Luigi Rooster". Dave saw the note of recognition on Brock's face. "Exactly -- Luigi and Giuseppe Rooster Wine Company, second-biggest vintner in the world. To make a long story short, the prosecutors bargained the vehicular homicide charge down to a much lighter charge, and she essentially walked"."But that's so unfair"."But realistic. Well, I can say that now, since I now know hat the prosecutors were up against. Essentially, no jury is going to lock up a seventy-eight year old woman, much less one with as much social and political juice as Oranella Rooster. At least the judge banned her from holding a driver's license for life as part of the deal"."That fuckin BITCH!" Brock was a little surprised at himself, that he had uttered the curse. He almost never used that kind of profanity, unless he was trying to motivate his teammates on the football field."Hey, thanks for saying it for me. So my uncle, who was fantastic through the whole thing, got me a great attorney and we got a big civil settlement. After the criminal case was closed, the Rooster family went to the press making a big stink about how they would fight our wrongful death lawsuit tooth and nail. Then, once the press had moved on to their next story, they settled on our terms. And Brock, that's the part that still bugs me the most -- they just used their wealth to make it go away. The old hag never apologized to me or to my aunt and uncle. They entered a letter of apology into the court record, porn free bbs but it was written in lawyer-speak -- no way did that come from her.""Wow. Dave -- I'm so sorry for what happened to you"."I appreciate that, Brock. But what happened lit a fire under me, and made me dedicate myself to make a difference with my life. The settlement money gives me a cushion and paid for school -- Stanford isn't exactly free, you know - but no way will I just sponge of the money -- never!Dave paused as the waitress delivered their check. Brock reached for his wallet but Dave swiftly put his hand on Brock's forearm. "No way, buddy -- I have my orders"! Both young men had felt a tingle at the touch, but neither showed any outward reaction. Still, it was a nice sensation -- VERY nice."Knowing Ed, he'll demand that I show him the receipt -- just to bust my butt"."He seems really strict""Well, he has to be -- he's essentially the Bureau's senior man on the West Coast. There are always rumors that he might become director of the entire Bureau, but I don't think so. He's brilliant, but he doesn't have a political bone in his body. And you need to live and breathe politics if you go to work at Jedgar"'"What's `Jedgar'?""Oh, sorry. J. Edgar Hoover Building -- the headquarters of the Bureau in Washington." Dave loved telling civilians that one. He continued "Ed went out on a limb to bring me into intelligence -- it's so high-visibility, especially post-9/11. Most applicants need to serve two to three years in a field office before they can transfer into intelligence"."I wanted to ask you something else -- if it's ok"? Brock paused as the waitress left with the signed credit card slip"Go ahead"."You told me about your uncle and aunt; do you have any other family? Any brothers or sisters"?"Nope. I was an only child. My girl bbs links aunt and uncle have a daughter close to my age, but she works for the International Red Cross in Geneva. So, I never get to see my only cousin".Brock then pointed to Dave's left hand. "No ring, huh? So you must not be married. Do you have a girlfriend? Dave, I mean, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you don't exactly look like Jabba the Hut -- I mean, you mist be beating the girls off with a stick"Dave blushed. The compliment really felt nice, especially coming from Brock. But this bbs ranchi guestbook one would be easy to answer -- he had these lines rehearsed down to a `T'."Who has time? After the accident, I really poured myself into my studies. With the accelerated programs, I pretty much lived in libraries and study halls. I never even used my student tickets for football -- even the years we hosted the Big bbs org xxx Game -- and I like sports. So, no one right now".Dave studied Brock. sun bbs lilitas The young man seemed to accept the answer.Dave felt a real connection with Brock. A genuine friendliness -- but wait -- was it really limited to that? Wasn't he in all honesty suppressing the other aspect of his reaction to Brock? The fact that he thought Brock was extremely attractive, with his strawberry blond good look and tousled hair, his beautiful winning smile, his sparkling warm bbs early girl eyes? `Control it, Dave - stay in control'.The subject needed to be changed -- and quick. And in one of those favors from above, Dave's young teen free bbs cell phone picked that exact moment to sound its musical tone. "Excuse me for a second, Brock". The younger man rose from the table and headed in the direction of the exit, allowing Dave a little privacy for his call. When Dave moved over to him at the door, he was smiling, so it must have been good news."That was Ed. He said that SRI adjusted their codes using the information you gave, and it was a bull's-eye. The date of the first arms free elwebbs shipment attempt has been confirmed. They're going to have some unexpected company"."That's fantastic"."Yeah, and listen to this -- Ed was in such a good mood that he said he changed his mind that he told me to go ahead and expense our lunch. He even gave me the rest of the afternoon off"."Cool"!"Tell you what -- you said your friend lives in Santa Clara? My place is only a few miles from there -- why don't I give you a lift there? That way, he won't have to fight the commute traffic coming up here -- it can get pretty bad".."Are you sure -- you don't mind"?"Really, it's right on my way. And, to be honest, I wouldn't mind the chance to talk to you a little longer". As soon as he said it, Dave worried -- would Brock think his words sounded -- well, weird?Thankfully, Brock didn't give any outward sign of anything untoward. "Me too, buddy. It's really nice of you to offer - and I'm sure my fired Ken will appreciate not having to drive up".Dave reached for his cell phone, and offered it to Brock. "Here - do you want to call Ken for the directions"?"Don't need to -- he sent me an e-mail with all the directions, in case he got caught up and would be delayed in picking me up. They're in my backpack"Dave put his phone away and started the car, idling as Brock found the paper in his pack. Taking the printout, Dave recognized the area in question right away. It was only about six or seven miles from his own place. "No problem -- I know that area pretty well. There's a waterfront park right near there I like to go to"."Is it OK if I adjust the air conditioner?" Brock asked."Sure. Just reach for that toggle switch right there". Dave carefully backed out of the parking space, then headed bbs sex link toward the exit. Checking the cross traffic, he was bbs young boys about to pull into Old Bayshore Road when a speeding red Subaru WRX ran the nude bbs 2007 ls red light down the block. Having grown up in the Bay Area, Dave was always aware of the constant red-light runners, and was able to brake in plenty of time. However, he had to hit the brake pedal pretty hard.He turned to apologize to Brock, but he was frozen in his tracks as he looked down at Brock's lap. The sudden stop had caused Brock to lose grip of his backpack, and some the contents of the pack had spilled out -- including a DVD case whose graphic cover art and title was unmistakable as to it's contents "TIGHT ENDS AND WIDE RECEIVERS".A moment, seemingly frozen in time.Thoughts -- private thoughts.Pain, guilt, and recriminations ran through Dave's mind.And through Brock's.The silence. The prolonged, deafening silence."Dave. I -"The forum child porno bbs young agent raised his right hand quickly, saying "Don't say anything. Please, just don't - please.' At that moment, another car pulled in behind Dave and honked, impatient for the big sedan to clear the driveway. He pictures schoolgirls bbs had to get moving. Had to decide.His future. His life.Decide NOW!Still saying nothing, forcing himself not to look at Brock, Dave moved forward, but rather than heading for the nearby freeway on-ramp, he immediately swerved into the left turn lane and entered the driveway for the Hyatt Regency hotel.Brock was confused. "Dave? Agent Andrews? Please -- where are we going"? Dave didn't acknowledge the question (or more accurately, probably never heard it). Pulling into the hotel's parking structure, Dave quickly proceeded up to top level of the garage, which was deserted excepted for some stored construction materials. Dave stopped the car and turned off the engine, turning at last to face Brock.Dave's heart was pounding. Was he, in perfect health and in superb physical shape, having a heart attack? He struggled to find his voice -- shaky, nervous."Brock - all my life I've been careful -- extra cautious, always thinking things through. It's ingrained in my nature, and my parent's accident only made it more so."Brock started to say something but stifled it. Although Dave was facing him, his gaze seemed a million miles away. Brock way dying inside, but waited for the young agent to let him have it -- for being a perverted disgusting sack of dishonest shit."What just happened -- I --". Dave paused. He dared to take a closer look at Brock's face -- his eyes. The blond younger man -- tall, muscular athletic -- at that moment looked like a vulnerable little kid. Dave's resolve wavered. He was always good at making decisions. But this one was too important to rush.He knew what he wanted to do. Did he have the guts to do it?Yes, goddamnit! The decision was made."Brock, since I made the law my vocation, I've prided myself on respect for everyone I deal with, for being the consummate professional. He paused. Very discreetly, he reached inside his suit coat. Yes, there it was. Dave stealthily unlocked it, the teenies bbs steel cold to his touch."This is the most unprofessional thing I've ever done in my life, but god fucking damn it, I'll live with the consequences." With cat-like reflexes, Dave attacked.Brock never knew what hit him. To be continued (if there's any interest ?)
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